Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Highlights

My mother made costumes for her 4 children every Halloween without fail. Now with a daughter of my own, I literally count the days until Halloween and the countdown to the costume-making month. Adeline's first costume, at 8-months-old was this an appliqu├ęd Wonder Woman onesie with attached wrist cuffs, soft boots & matching headband. If there was a way to construct an invisible jet I would have tackled that too!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Wedding Belles

Jamie & Randy are great friends of mine. In fact, Jamie and I are in the car club, Hell's Belles together. When she asked me to design and construct her wedding dress I was so excited. Her style is very classic & vintage. We went with a silk charmeuse and Jamie found the most amazing vintage lace trim. Repairing parts of the lace that were deteriorated was a challenge.

I absolutely love the mantilla veil she chose and spent a lot of hands-on time sewing the straight lace to an oval veil shape. The results came out amazing and she looked gorgeous.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


What could be more fun than tackling a dog costume? When approached by CRAFT Magazine to design a canine costume, I immediately envisioned a Pug Pirate, complete with knickers and a parrot on the shoulder. Short of an eye patch and peg leg, this buckaneer was a real salty dog.
Download the pattern to make your own Pug Pirate Costume!
Be sure to head to to download free wallpaper of the pirate pug!