Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween from Angus & the Majorette

Kids under the age of 3 are the best candidates for Halloween costumes because they really don't have an opinion yet - nor do they mind if you dress them as up as someone they have never heard of before. Sooooo, I chose to transform my 2-yr-old as Angus Young. Since my husband is a rock history nerd, we had to do the costume justice by adding the felt Gibson SG.
The hat, blazer and shorts were mostly taken from vintage patterns for reference, then I added a reconstructed thrift store tie which was the perfect color. Hell's Bells he looked amazing!
At age 4, most girls want a costume that is pink and has some glitter or shine component. I added a retro twist by turning her on to this baton majorette idea. She even came with me to the fabric store to pick out the pink glitter lining and silver sequin trim.
The hat was constructed out of poster board paper and was the trickiest part. Ironically, finding a baton was the biggest challenge! We ended up having to order one online. I LOVE making costumes for Halloween - as one blogger posted today, "Halloween is my Fashion Week." So true...


Moncler Jacka said...

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lynkee said...

Cute! You can make a baton with a wooden dowel and cupboard door handle screws.I just made my majorette costume too!