Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lovebirds Galore!

Making valentine cards with my kids is beginning to rival the joy I feel making their Halloween costumes. I like the collaborative effort along with the handmade creations. My 2-yr-old's class is studying music this year, so we decided to make these framed art cards with a wooden bird whistle attached.
I found the wooden bird whistles at Oriental Trading Company and the foam frames at Joann Fabrics. The art is straight from Cooper's heart.
For my 5-yr-old's cards, we changes our original plan of making lollipop flowers with heart petals (via Martha Stewart's website). I realized that candy is frowned upon in her classroom, so we used the cut heart petals to make flower cards. The stems are metallic ribbon strips and we finished the centers with various white buttons. They came out adorable, even sugar-free.

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