Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Personalize It - FREE tutorial

Christmas with two kids means LOTS of "thank you" cards to write. Buying cards can really add up and who needs that when your funds were all spent during the holidays? I opted to make some personalized cards this year utilizing the blank cards and envelopes we had leftover from Cooper's birth announcements. I chose a picture of each of the kids with the best side profiles. In Photoshop, I traced their faces using paths, then saved the paths as Illustrator files. In Illustrator I finished the design by adding the flourish design and simple type. To my surprise, the quality came out quite nice when ran through my home printer. The biggest obstacle was centering the design which took a few tries and adjustments. It would be fun to repeat the concept every year as the kids got older!

To read the full tutorial on how to make your own, visit Craftzine's full article here.

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