Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sweet Seats

At some point all kids need a table and chair sized for their miniature bodies. I'm sort of a snob when it comes to kid's furniture & clothes. I am not satisfied with the common Ikea variety. While strolling through a local thrift store, I spotted these adorable chrome chairs buried in the back of the furniture section. The chrome was in decent condition and the seats just needed to be repadded and covered. I absolutely love this cotton print and I only had about 1 yard left - just enough for the project. I unscrewed the seats from the frame, stripped the original torn vinyl cover and toxic padding. Next, I used an iron-on vinyl adhesive on the new fabric to make it more durable and easy to clean. With the new padding in place, I simply wrapped the fabric around the seat, placed a square of red oilcloth over that and stapled completely around all the edges.

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Lotussooz said...

I just made a sewing Machine cover out of that Print.. I love it also. Love your blog as well I'll be following for sure. Keep up the inspiring work. and thanks for sharing!