Friday, February 12, 2010

Photo Valentine Envelope

Photo mailers are functional, yet so dull, especially when sending pics for a special occasion. In an effort to create a protective barrier that also looks great, I came up with this simple & quick solution. I am a sucker for thicker-weight scrapbooking paper. The only problem is, I don't scrapbook so I'm stuck with large pads of beautiful paper.
To mail 5x7" pics, I used 12x12" sheets. Place the photos in the middle of the sheet and fold around all 4 sides. Don't get too technical, just eyeball it.
Next, cut the sides as shown using the fold lines as a guide. Fold the sides in first, then the top and bottom tabs. Punch holes in the top and bottom tabs, thread ribbon through and tie. You can add a custom tag to the thread as well. I used the paper scraps and cut the edges with decorative shears. Now you're ready to put the finished piece in a mailing envelope and send!

2 comments : said...

That is way cute! I am *loving* your blog!

secret cake said...

Really sweet-- Great way to use of the paper I insist on buying and never use...