Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Princess Party without all the Poof

I fought it and fought it and fought it - my daughter finally took interest in everything Disney, especially the Princesses. For her 3rd birthday, she wanted a Princess Party. My challenge was to not be the wicked witch but somehow meet her in the middle. We came up with a "Royal Tea Party" theme which included crowns, tea, cupcakes and I made her a dress that passed the "twirl test".
Instead of goodie-bags, I made a custom felt crown for each child. In addition, I had a bowl of jewels that were backed with Velcro so that they could customize their crown. The crowns were fastened with a ribbon so that each guest could size them as needed.

For decorations, I cut triangles from craft paper, trimmed the top edge with scallop scissors, punched 2 holes and then threaded the ribbon through. No sewing needed! The princess element was the crown & Snow White images stamped on various triangles.
The adults munched on tea cakes and scones displayed on a custom tiered dessert stand. Tea and juice boxes were served as beverages and everyone had a royal time!

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