Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sweet Costume Craft-Along!

Sad is the day when your children start to have special requests for Halloween costumes. More than likely they're the predictable princess or fireman. This year I decided to do a costume mash-up of the two things my daughter likes best: fairies and cupcakes. She was thrilled with the idea and I get to get my craft on.

What better way to share my process by inviting all of my craft followers in a Craft-Along! I'll be posting steps to this unique costume in various entries as I go along. Many of the supplies you should be able to pick up at second hand or dollar stores as well as some basic supplies at your local fabric store.

Think whisk wands, layered tulle, rick-rack and lots of foil baking cups. Hope you'll craft along with me and please send me your pics to post at the end of the project.

Steps include:
* Cupcake Fairy skirt
* Cupcake Fairy apron with cupcake appliqué
* Whisk wand
* Fairy wings & tiara made with silver cupcake papers

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Rehinna said...

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