Sunday, October 24, 2010

Costume Craft-Along Complete!

Looks like we made it - literally! We've completed the Costume Craft-Along for this Cupcake Fairy mashup. And the little fairy approved of the final look shown here.
For the wings, I wanted to utilize the silver cupcake papers (found at most grocery stores, craft stores, or baking supply shops). We cut each paper into 4 pieces, then loosely flattened them out. One at a time we glued the wedges onto a piece of cardboard that was cut into the shape of wings. I recommend starting from the outside edges and working your way in. This is a great craft to do with kids!
The wings are attached with 2 elastic loops that wrap around her shoulders. We also added a crease down the middle back simply by folding the cardboard to give it more flexibility.
The same cupcake paper technique was used to make the tiara. We started with a cardboard base which I attached to a store-bought headband and wrapped with satin ribbon and trimmed with brown rick-rack.
I love this mini felt appliqué we added to the tiara. It's the same design as the felt appliqué on the apron, just smaller and without the face details.

Here are all of the previous steps for reference:
* The Cupcake Fairy skirt
* The Cupcake Fairy apron with appliqué
* Whisk wand
And the fairy wings & tiara made with silver cupcake papers complete the look.

Hope you had fun crafting this Cupcake Fairy Costume with me this Halloween!
Send pics if your handmade creations too!


TYRaines said...

What a wonderful costume. I've been following your progress and it really looks awesome!

Rehinna said...

I love the way you write and share your niche! Very interesting and different! Keep it coming!