Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DIY Tiered Dessert Stand

Throwing a tea party means having adequate serving supplies to display those dainty bits of food. Knowing that I would probably not host another tea party until my daughter's next princess party, I opted to make my own. I collected 3 glass plates and 2 glass candleholders from the local thrift store. In under $10 I found just the right pieces.
In order to frill it up, I used paper doilies on the backs of each plate as stencils. Use small bits of double-stick tape to hold the doilies in place. A large cardboard box makes an excellent contained area for spray painting. Lightly spray around the open areas of the doily being careful not to over-saturate the paint or it will run. When the paint dries, stack up the plates and candle holders. I used a heavy-duty double-stick padded tape between the layers so that nothing toppled when the guests pulled treats from the stand.


jessica said...

beautiful stand.
i collect unique plates and make these also for gifts.
what kind of paint do you use? does it come off, is it permanent.
it's really very nice.
please email me your response to

Andrea DeHart said...

I actually used regular spray paint which does come off if you scratch or scrub them too hard. That is why I only sprayed the bottom side so that it was safe for putting food on it.

Unknown said...

This is such a great idea, i came across your blog while looking for some new and unique ideas to do in the coming days.. I will definitly be using this idea soon as I will have a few different parties to plan in the coming time. I definitly look keeping up with your blog on more ideas! :D

Megan Elizabeth Johnson said...

I just bought 3 different sized plates and two small wine glasses at a thrift store to do exactly this!