Monday, October 18, 2010

Costume Craft-Along: Cupcake Fairy Apron

The Cupcake Fairy Apron turned out as sweet as buttercream frosting. I used a pink plaid cotton fabric and cut 2 rectangles - 1 for the skirt and 1 for the bib. The skirt panel was gathered, then attached to the bib portion. Brown rick-rack was used to trim the edges, including the small pocket on the skirt. I made 1 long rectangular strap for the waist tie and two smaller ones for the shoulder straps, which cross in back. Don't bother with making button holes for the buttons on the bib, just sew through all layers and use a snap on the back of straps where they meet the waistband. Quick tip - be sure to measure the length of the apron skirt based on the length of the tulle skirt. You want to make sure that the tulle skirt rick-rack details are visible!
I wanted to drive home the "Cupcake Fairy" theme by adding this cute felt cupcake appliqué. I cut the 3 pieces (cupcake, frosting & cherry), then glued them to a white piece of felt. Next, I embroidered the stitching details and added the button eyes. Don't forget the sprinkles!

Keep following along with me on this Costume Craft-Along.
We've already constructed:
* The Cupcake Fairy skirt
* The Cupcake Fairy apron with appliqué

Next steps include:
* Whisk wand
* Fairy wings & tiara made with silver cupcake papers

We should be wrapping up this Craft-Along by the end of this week so that you have plenty of time before the holiday parties begin!


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